BarcodeMate is my first Windows Phone 7 app on the MarketPlace.

BarcodeMate is a tool for generating QR code:
- Generate QR code from text message, phone number, email, web URL or anything that you can enter into the textbox (support multi-line)
- Generate QR code for contact info. You can pick a contact from your contact list
- Generate HTML file together with barcode image
- Save barcode to Gallery
- Upload barcode to SkyDrive
- Manage list of generated barcode
- Change barcode size, color and background color
- User friendly interface
- Support: please email me at: everbot at, subject: [BarcodeMate]

There are 2 versions available:

- BarcodeMate Lite:

- BarcodeMate Pro:


Features only available in Pro version:

  • Saving barcode to HTML file
  • Upload barcode to SkyDrive
  • Manage list of generated barcode

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Recently I've just bought an app named "C4droid" for USD 1.5. It's a pretty good app for education and testing your logic/algorithm with C on the go. It's extremely useful if you have a tablet :)

Tested on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7:


I sketched this in 2008 (almost 4 years ago) for my mini project in Automation Control Technology module.

Automation Control Technology

Automation Control Technology

Google Play - the new name for Android Market

Today, Wednesday, when I fire up the Android Market, it offers me to upgrade to Google Play Shop. To lure traffic to the new store "Play Shop", Google is offering daily special price each day for the next week in their "7 Days to Play" sale. These are the APPs available on my HTC Desire on 2012-03-07 for $0.49. So go to Play Shop and grab the apps while you can!

Google Play

Google Play

You can also access Google Play Shop via browser:

Image processing with HTC Touch Viva and SRV robot

I wrote an application (in C#) for my HTC Touch Viva to receive image feed from SRV robot's camera. My PDA phone then processes the image and automatically send command to SRV robot to navigate accordingly.