Yesterday when I reached home, I received my Raspberry Pi camera which was ordered 2 weeks ago from RS UK. I was quite tired but I was very excited to try it out on my Arch Linux ARM. So I spent about 1 hour to get it worked, here is the result (pls notice that I didn't get to watch the live video so you can see the camera was pointing to random locations) :)

Received Raspberry Pi camera

Received Raspberry Pi camera 02

Here is how I get it works on my Arch Linux ARM:

Add /opt/vc/bin to PATH

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/opt/vc/bin' >> ~/.bashrc

Then add the necessary setting to /boot/config.txt

##added for camera

Reboot the Pi

To capture still image

raspistill -o testimage.jpg -hf

Take note that I need to use -hf to horizontal flip the image (otherwise the result image will be mirrored)

To capture 30s video

raspivid -o testvideo.h264 -t 30000 -hf


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