About everbot.com

(define welcome
    (list 'Welcome 'to 'EverBot.com))

(display welcome)

A little bit of info about me:

  • EverBot.com is my personal blog to log stuffs that I do and stuffs that inspire me.
  • My YouTube channel which showcases some of my past projects and other miscellaneous stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/SquallLTT/
  • My GitHub: http://github.com/everbot
  • I like tinkering with Linux (I really love Arch Linux) and electronic stuff. Apart from that, I also like jogging and listening to music.
  • I like to do things the hard way because it makes me excited about the learning journey.
  • I always prefer minimal/lightweight setup when using my computer. Currently I'm using bspwm window manager on Arch Linux.
  • I use Vim and gVim for almost all of my text editing work.
  • I normally write personal notes in Markdown and LaTex or sometimes just plain text files.
  • I love to play with Scheme language.
  • I've just finished Honours in Computer Science. Here is my project poster. The test data includes KITTI raw data.

Some awards that I achieved: